Logos 8.4 Notes keyboard shortcuts not working (possible bug in 8.x?)

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Ian.M | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Apr 17 2019 5:36 AM

I take a lot of notes in Logos and since upgrading to Logos ver 8.x a while ago I noticed that in the new Notes module, Ctrl+M no longer works to Increase Indent.

According to the doc below, the commands listed should all work within the Rich Text (Notes) Editor, but I've tested them on my Logos on Windows 10, and none of these work (including Ctrl+M)

To recreate this issue, just launch Logos, open the Notes module and create a new note. Then try to use any of the keyboard shortcuts listed below


Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

Rich Text (Notes) Editor

The following shortcuts apply to the Notes text editor.

    • Ctrl+E — Align Center
    • Ctrl+K — Insert Hyperlink
    • Ctrl+L — Align Left
    • Ctrl+M — Increase Indent
    • Ctrl+Y — Redo (works intermittently?)
    • Ctrl+= — Subscript (this changes the zoom scaling for the whole program… must be mapped to something else?)
    • Ctrl+Shift++ — Superscript
    • Ctrl+Shift+F — Change Font Family
    • Ctrl+Shift+P — Change Font Size
    • Ctrl+Shift+K — Toggle Small Caps
    • Ctrl+Shift+U — Toggle Strikethrough
    • Ctrl+Shift+M — Decrease Indent
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Philana R. Crouch | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Apr 17 2019 8:16 AM

I've added this to a case for keyboard shortcuts. Although CTRL+K does work for me, but you have to have text selected.

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Jack Hairston | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Apr 17 2019 9:54 AM

Please add to the list

Ctrl+R   Align Right

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Ian.M | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jul 12 2019 7:12 AM

Any update to this issue or rough estimate of when it might be fixed? Looks like the issues persist in ver

Thanks for all your great work!!

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