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Andrew Vines | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, May 28 2019 7:01 PM

Hi there,

I've recently upgraded to Logos 8 on my Mac. Overall performance is good, smooth scrolling, etc. Except...

When I open "Notes/Notebook" section, the CPU maxes out and its barely useable. With notes closed, Logos uses about 3% CPU, when I open a notebook and try to type in a note, it goes up toward 100%, cursor is very laggy etc. I makes is hard to concentrate on what I'm writing, because I'm being distracted by the lagginess.

Already I've tried:

 - disabled spotlight indexing,

 - disabled time machine backup for Logos folders,

 - changing default font in notes

But something's not right with whatever is rendering the notes. (I do have a lot of notes: a couple of hundred notebooks, each with between 1-10 notes)

(Edit: I should add that notes are just fine on the iPad)

Any suggestions?

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JT (alabama24) | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, May 28 2019 7:48 PM

Techies might want to see logs. See my signature line. 

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Andrew Vines | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jun 10 2019 8:51 PM

Yeah, I sent my logs to the techs; we've been trying to get a Skype call happening (but its been a bit difficult due to timezones - I'm in Australia)

It does seems that the LogosCEF process is the one responsible.

When I open the "Notes" tab - LogosCEF uses a lot of CPU.

But interestingly, when I start a new tab > "notes document", it starts a single note in the old style (e.g. not loading all the notebooks). And when I do this, LogosCEF sits on 0% CPU and everything is responsive. Unfortunately, if I close the single note tab, I can't seem to return to it without opening all the notebooks and slowing down again.

I've attached my logosCEF log - it seems there's lots of "failed to read dnsconfig" in there.

Anyone got any suggestions? Here is the cef.log file 6136.cef.log

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Jason O'Conal | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Oct 5 2019 5:03 AM

I would love to know if this was ever resolved. I haven't looked in the logs yet, but I believe I'm seeing the same issue.

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Andrew Vines | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Oct 5 2019 5:38 AM

Unfortunately I never got to the bottom of this.

I bought a newer iMac (I was planning to upgrade anyway), and on the newer machine it sings sweetly.

So sorry, I can't cast any further light on the problem!

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