Syncing Notes Logos 7, 8, and older apps

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Stuart | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jul 10 2019 8:09 AM

So it took a few hours this morning with tech support but I finally got my notes to sync and thought I would share with others that may have the same issue.

The Problem:  Older Ipad running IOS 10.3.3 and not available for further updates would no longer sync notes with my logos app 6.5.4 from my computer after upgrading to Logos 8 (I have been a Logos user since Logos 4).  it will however sync notes from the older app to the computer with no issues.  This problem will affect all older IOS devices that are not available to update to at least IOS 11.2 as that is what the new Logos app needs to update to.  Furthermore the online app at: will not work in the older versions of Safari or Chrome on the same tablet.

After much discussion via chat with Tech support we accidently stumbled on a solution that still allows you to take notes and have them sync with older tablets for the time being (that is until they change something again)

The Solution: Switch to the Old Notes in Logos 8.  The down side is that in doing so you loose the ability to see any notes taken in the new notes software but you can take notes that still sync across platforms.  the instructions for switching back can be found here:

I have been using notes in Logos 8 for about 4 weeks now so I simply coppied my notes from the new note software over to the old note software on a desktop.  Yes it will give me duplicate notes for the last 3 weeks when I eventually upgrade (as the Lord provides funds) but since it was only for a few weeks it was not that bad.  Also as a bonus when I do change back after upgrading my hardware in the future all my old version notes will auto transfer to the new notes software in Logos (you just can't go the other way automatically).

I hope this information helps other pastors in smaller churches like myself who don't necessarily have the finances to simply update hardware all the time.  Afterall a new tablet is more than a week's salary for many a small town pastor like myself.  

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