MacBook Pro gets very hot running Logos 8

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Tim Beerman | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jul 11 2019 2:22 PM


Blank layout - yes.

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Tim Beerman | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jul 12 2019 4:35 AM

Here's another log from my time in the Word this morning.

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Reuben Helmuth | Forum Activity | Replied: Yesterday 5:51 AM

Tim, I'm not a tech expert so I'm hoping someone better will get to analyzing your logs. In the mean time, try setting "Use Internet" (in program settings) to "No" and restarting Logos. This will prevent Logos from trying to sync and use other internet services. 

There are a lot of network related errors in your error log so let us know if this makes a difference! 

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Tim Beerman | Forum Activity | Replied: Yesterday 3:46 PM

Thanks, will try that. It's too bad that Logos didn't think to have a look at my logs. It seems that all they wanted was to blame my MacBook and move on!

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Mark Barnes | Forum Activity | Replied: Yesterday 4:00 PM

Tim Beerman:

Does anyone else have a problem with heat when using Logos 8? When I am using it my laptop gets so hot it's uncomfortable to have on my lap. The fan runs at full speed so there's the noise of it. This only happens with Logos 8. It never happens with any other software I use. Apple has checked my laptop and it has no issues which would cause the heat issue. Logos support says I am the only one with this problem.

To diagnose, it would help if you could start Logos to an empty layout (not the home screen), and then launch a few things that might cause the CPU spike. While you do this, keep an eye on your Activity Monitor, and see what causes the spike. Here's the things to test:

  1. The Home Page.
  2. The Notes tool.
  3. A couple of interactives.
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Tim Beerman | Forum Activity | Replied: Yesterday 4:03 PM

I've done that and it doesn't seem to matter what I start with. It invariably heats up and the fan starts running. When I stop inputting the heat decreases and the fan eventually shuts off. 

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