Cross Referencing A Set of Passages with Themselves

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TKalo | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Aug 23 2019 7:52 PM


Lets say I have a set of 70 passages.  I need to find out how those passages cross reference each other.  What would be the most efficient way? 

What I tried to do is create a passage list, open a filter to those passages, link it to TSK (Treasury of Scripture Knowledge) and then I try to use the filter option "emphasize active references."  The problem is, the Bible tab can have only one passage active at a time and I have 70 passages.  Its not time efficient to go through passage by passage for each of the 70 passages to find out how they cross reference each other.  

If anyone can follow through my dilemma, please help.  If you need me to further clarify, I can do that too.  



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Graham Criddle | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Aug 23 2019 10:29 PM


I’m not sure I fully understand so let me try and clarify.

I think what you are saying is that you want to use TSK to determine whether one passage is cross-referenced by another.

And you do this by starting with one passage (passage A) and then checking if any of the other passages are in the associated TSK entry

”Emphasize Active References“ allows you to easily see if PassageB is referenced - by making PassageB active - but the problem arises as you can only have one active reference at a time so you can only check one passage at a time.

Is that an accurate summary of what you are doing and the problem you are coming across?

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TKalo | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 24 2019 5:12 AM

Yes sir, that is accurate.  I would have to cross reference 70 passages 70 times if I separately insert them to be active in the Bible tab.  It would take too long.  I'm currently doing it by hand.  

Do you have any advice? 



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John Fidel | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 24 2019 5:32 AM

You could try the following:

  1. Open your preferred Bible
  2. Open a Cross References Guide from the Guides menu
  3. Link the two together
  4. Enter Passage ( I used John 6.1)
  5. Click on Create Passage List from the Cross Reference Guide
  6. Move the Passage List so you have 3 columns.
  7. Now click on each verse in the passage list and review the Cross Reference Guide for John 6.1.

As shown below the first verse in the cross reference guide is Matt 4.18. when I click on it the Bible and Cross Reference Guide move to that verse. You can see John 6.1 is a cross reference for Mat 4.18. Click on next verse in the Passage List ....

Save the layout for future use if you do this often.

Hope this helps.

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TKalo | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Aug 26 2019 9:40 AM

Thank you so much!!!

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John Fidel | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Aug 26 2019 1:57 PM

I am glad it helped.

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