Cicero needs your help! Important Roman Background

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Joseph Turner | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Aug 25 2019 4:56 AM

In doing a study, I was surprised to find that there are still two collections of Cicero which are not yet out of Community Pricing, here and here.  We have some works from Cicero in the Perseus Collections, but several are missing. 

First, as I've said before, all primary texts should be automatically published by Faithlife, as they provide the basis for all study; however, since that is not the case, I ask that you look into the importance of such works and place your bid.  Cicero lived during the time of Jesus and provides invaluable information about Rome.  His works should be in Logos.

A search for Cicero in my library comes up with 91,484 results in 35,734 articles in 4.586 resources.  I would say that is an indicator that he is important!

Disclaimer:  I hate using messaging, texting, and email for real communication.  If anything that I type to you seems like anything other than humble and respectful, then I have not done a good job typing my thoughts.

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