Advanced Logos Commands (For Alfred Shortcuts on Mac)

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John Marino | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Sep 17 2019 11:16 AM

I've been experimenting with Alfred in Logos. I currently use the Alfred Remote with my iPad. On the remote I've put some basic Logos commands. For instance, if I copy a resource location in the "L4" format, I can paste that location into Alfred and it will open to that resource. So I can open a particular Passage Guide or a Search window with just one click (or keyboard shortcut). I was wondering how many possibilities there could be.

For instance, could I copy and paste commands instead of just locations? I could see using commands such as...

  • Open in a floating window
  • Open a specific layout
  • Update
  • Sync
  • Update active layout

I'm thinking that if this were possible, the format would be something like "logos4:[command_name]." Any thoughts on this?

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Vince Mitchell | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 11 2019 8:09 PM

Did you make any progress on this?

I just created this, would be nice to get one workflow with all the things people have created.

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