OT: How does one set up a dual drive system correctly?

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David Ames | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Oct 1 2019 4:24 PM

On a Windows machine they have these directories just above / below the root on a single hard drive system

    Program Files   Some of your programs are here
    Program Files   (x86) and some of your programs are here
    Users                Most of the files you create are here – data files
    Windows          The operation system files are here

I just got a split system with a small SSD and a large HDD

and out of the box it came with everything on the SSD with the HDD empty

I expected that Users would be on the HDD saving the fast SSD for programs only

As in:
RSSD/ [root SSD] using PCLe interface
Programd and Windows

RHHD/ [root HHD] using SATA interface

Any body know how to set up a PC that way??

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Kevin | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Oct 1 2019 9:44 PM

Moving individual user folders such as Pictures/Documents/Downloads etc is ok, but it is not recommended to move the whole users folder, as this can cause some major problems.

https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/moving-the-user-folder.3015223/post-18883230 for one quickly found link with links on how to move said folders.

I stick all my audio/video on my HDD and leave everything else on the SSD.

If you want to move the whole user profile with a new installation then this https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/1964-move-users-folder-location-windows-10-a.html does have a guide.

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Allen Browne | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Oct 1 2019 10:04 PM

To add to Kevin's broader answer, if your question is just about installing Logos, you can do a custom install and specify the drive/folder where you want it installed. I've done that (installed to D:\Logos), and it works well.

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Dave Colclough | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 2 2019 6:40 AM

Another option is to merge the drives with something like Fuzedrive. It blends the advantage of SSD speed with the HD capacity, although at the expense of increasing risk from data loss if one drive fails (and using a few GB of RAM). So backing up your data before merging and after is recommended. At $20 for 128GB drives it's reasonable, but with the cost of SSD, NVMe, Optane and m.2 drives coming down the higher priced tiers become less attractive. See https://www.enmotus.com/fuzedrive

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David Ames | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Oct 3 2019 3:26 PM

There maybe more but two programs that I found that move programs and files from an old PC to a new one are PCmover and Zinstall.  I went with Zinstall Migrate.  It took the files off of the Old PC’s HDD and split them between the 128 Gig SSD and a 1 T HHD on the new system.  It took six hours but of the 580 GIG it put 56 on the SSD and the rest on the HDD.   It put the Logos files on the HDD.  

Now I just need to copy all of the files I 'fixed' / edited on my wife's PC since Sept 1 to my new toy.  [[that is going to take longer than six hours.]]  

[[If someone has used PCmover please report how it went - thanks]]

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