Looking for Calvinist, Arminian, and Amyraldian Collections

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John Marino | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Feb 5 2020 6:32 AM

Has anyone gone through their library and created author collections based on whether they were Calvinist, Arminian, or Amyraldians (and even Pelagians, Semi-Pelagians...etc.)? With a growing library at 6,300 books, it's hard to keep up with all the positions of the various authors.

It would be incredibly helpful if you wanted to get an idea for how the various traditions understand specific verses or doctrines. For instance, I'm doing a study on repentance right now, and want to know how Arminians understand verses that talk of repentance as a gift from God. I'd love to do a search like the one below in just the resources written by Arminians...

(<Acts 3:26> OR <Acts 5:31> OR <Acts 11:18> OR <Rom 2:4> OR <2 Ti 2:25>)

If anyone has created these collections, would you be willing to share it? Or perhaps if you don't have a list, do you know of a source where I could find a list of these authors?

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GaoLu | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 5 2020 2:21 PM

The scale is slippery.  Community tagging helps some.  Divvying resources by "Wesleyan" "Anabaptist. " "Reformed" "Covenant" etc. is my strategy.   I use tagging instead of smart collections in hopes of improving accuracy. Specific tags include TheologyArminian and TheologyCalvinsist. Pinning a theology tail on a theologian can be tough since theologians are sometime moving target. Be interesting to see what others have done. 

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John Marino | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 5 2020 7:45 PM

Yes, I agree and affirm that the lines are not easily drawn in these areas. Even some basic lists would be helpful. Would you be able to share your lists here?

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PetahChristian | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 5 2020 7:55 PM

Check out https://faithlife.com/logos-library-theology-denomination-tags/documents or this most recent post by Andrew Baguley.

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John Marino | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Feb 6 2020 6:16 AM

Perfect! This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you!

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