How to Hotlink-Reference Any Book?

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Michael Mojica | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Feb 6 2020 6:13 PM

How does one hotlink a reference of Josephus Antiquities 12.5.5? Or, other books for that matter as one does in the Notes for Mat. 12:1 and Logos automatically turns it into a Link?


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Kevin | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Feb 6 2020 11:28 PM

Hi Michael,

If you right click the section you want, you should from the left hand side be able to choose '<> Reference xxxx.xxxx'.

That will then allow you on the right hand side to click the URL button to the right of 'Copy Reference'.

In your note you can then either just paste the URL which will autolink, or type some friendly text, highlight that, and then use the 'Link' button in the note and paste the copied reference in there.

You can also just add the selection as an anchor in the note. Click somewhere in Antiquities that you want to add, or highlight if multiple references, then in the note just choose Add Anchor --> Active Reference.

For other books, and will also work for Josephus, you can choose the 3dot menu and choose 'Copy Localtion as: URL' (Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+C) and follow the part above using that location reference to create the links in the notes, which may just be the easiest way.

This will also work for highlighted sections.
Anyway hopefully on of these few options will help.

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Michael Mojica | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Feb 7 2020 9:07 AM

Yes, I get it now! Many thanks.


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