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David Horger | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Feb 25 2020 2:10 PM

I'm having an issue with the Windows version of Proclaim. While "off air", slides advance immediately. While "on air", there is an approximately 0.5 second delay before the transition begins. This is consistent whether we are using a fade or no transition at all. Hardware acceleration is on (even worse when off). This is happening on multiple Windows 10 computers. If I turn off the confidence monitor and just output the slides, the problem goes away and slides advance instantly. Is this perhaps a video card issue? I'm using an Nvidia NVS 510 with 2GB.

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Jordan Sjodin | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 26 2020 11:10 AM

Thanks for the report David.

We will do some testing and get back to you. When you say its delayed, are you seeing the delay on the projector output or just within Proclaim’s preview?

Alternatively, is the preview within Proclaim in sync and its the projector output that is messed up?


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David Horger | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 26 2020 11:30 AM

Thanks for responding! 

The projector, the preview and the confidence monitor are all in sync and delayed together. Switching the confidence monitor to slides - secondary or disabling the confidence monitor eliminates the problem. No more delay.

Note that this is independent of the slide transition style. I'm talking about a delay prior to the transition starting. Using no transition still has the same delay as using a fade (when the confidence monitor is enabled).

I'm experiencing this both at church with it's various mixing/switching gear and projectors as well as at my office using three locally connected monitors and a more powerful computer and video card. The effect and the length of the delay is exactly the same.

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