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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Apr 24 2020 5:02 PM

In A gift (How to use Lectionary and Missal) with a request for honest feedback - pretty please with sugar and cream (and wild strawberries) I provide a training document on how to use the Roman Rite Catholic Missal and Lectionary as a test for what will be needed for the Liturgy of the Hours. At the moment there are simply markers for additional materials where Logos/Verbum actually fails - I'm hoping these issues will be resolved before my final version.

In building one highlighting palette with Labeling, I ran into a case where I cannot define things as narrowly as I would like:

  • attribute name: Addressee
  • attribute data: Biblical person
  • attribute list of valid values: God (meaning God the Father); Jesus (meaning God the Son), Holy Spirit
  • default value: God (the Father)

I would like to be able to:

  • select LCV Biblical person entries for valid values and defaults with the little icon showing so I can tell in the definition and selection that they are Biblical persons not text
  • to be able to specify both List and Default values i.e. separate boxes

Why do I believe this tightness is necessary - because if we all use the same coding scheme, then we can put together a search and highlighting feature than can be shared to all Logos/Verbum users i.e. an end-around some of the financial constraints for coding we can ask FL for.

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