Giving a discount when you buy the last book in a series/where have all the discounts gone?

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Milkman | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Apr 30 2020 2:06 PM

Some of us can not spend the total amount on a one time purchase for a set of books. I'd like to suggest that once the last book in a set is purchased a discount on that book be applied.

As it stands right now, apparently you can only get a discount when you spend over $100.00. That wasn't the case a year or two ago. Super Angry

I fully understand that a business needs to make a profit, but since this discount application over one hundred dollars is now in 'force' my spending is way down. Maybe your too.

I remember a time when I could call FL and ask for a certain sales rep and get a discount. Not much of a discount but a discount never-the-less.

Remember those forums that talked about our favourite reps? How many of us sent cudo's to our rep or even suggested our rep to others in the Forums. But now I don't even call any longer and the ppl in the chat, as nice as they all are, respond to my question of, "are there any discounts of this/these resources?" in such a rote manner that I'm sure they have a banner on their screens saying, "We only give discounts over one hundred dollars." So now my chatting with FL staff is virtually non-existent. 

I've mentioned this before that the product knowledge of FL staff is quite lacking. I think that they may be there to field general questions or just to ring ppl through to the cash machine and bid a "good day to you sir." 

As a business owner myself the last thing I want is a customer quitting or not ordering as much. Or maybe FL has gotten too big or was losing money because of discounts or whatever the case might be, but I'm hoping that someone from FL would at least reply to this and give an explanation why no discounts seem to be applied any longer.

After all, we/I am your customer and a short reply would be very much appreciated. Nothing worse for a customer to share a thought and not get an 'official' reply.



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