Request option to make foreground display white text or change Video background

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Timothy Grant | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, May 12 2020 10:40 PM

This Sunday we are once again allowed to have a small number of people attend.  Meaning we will need to have a professional stream and no green screen elements on our front projector.

I am having an issue getting things just right.  I have a two computer setup, A stream PC and Proclaim PC.

I have setup the OBS on my proclaim PC to automatically change between the Main Slide Output and the Foreground Output, depending on if we are displaying songs / sermon slides / video.

Here is my issue:

With the Transparent Background set to green, I have a green background on my FOH projector when Videos play and don't fit the entire screen.  (Namely because we have people recording Bible readings on their Phone). So having a bright green border around videos on the front projector is not a good solution.

I then changed the Transparent background to Black.  This fixed most of the issues.  The background to the videos was okay as black.

I changed the filter settings in the OBS screen capture so that foreground lyrics would be white (i.e, Colour Key - colour adjustment).  Which worked well for the stream.  The Issue this creates, however, is that If I choose a slide template that sets the font colour to black, the text on the black foreground display disappear, and hence disappear from OBS.

So it would seem beneficial to either:

1) Have the option change the background of videos to Black; or

2) Have the option to set the foreground text colour to always be white.

I could send a feed from OBS to the front projector that fixes all this, but would rather not make things confusing for my future operators.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

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Jordan Sjodin | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, May 12 2020 11:55 PM

One option is to go back to the green screen, and then for the videos that showed green you can change the fill color on those to black. 

For video items you would hit the change video button and then choose a color (black). For other item types, you would hit background and then choose a color. That color should end up ’above’ the green color so it doesn’t show on your projector.

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Timothy Grant | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, May 13 2020 12:06 AM

Great Thankyou, I spent time looking to see if I could change the video background colour. But didn't realise it was under the 'change video' button.

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