Copy and Paste erratic in Alpha 24

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Martin Diers | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jul 7 2010 6:21 AM

Copy and paste in Alpha 24 needs some help.

Command-C sometimes works, but often does nothing. This is just a bug, plain and simple.

At first I thought that the right-click menu was misbehaving. I would repeatedly get a Greek word instead of my highlighted text. I finally realized that what it is copying is defined by what section of the right-click menu is active. In my case, Lemma was active, so I got the first Greek root in the selection. While this is a great feature, the implementation leaves much to be desired.

I suggest that when you right-click a selection, the right-click menu always gives you the ability to copy it immediately, without clicking two more times. That is just normal UI behaviour, and I know of no other program that does not follow that behavior.

I understand the purpose of having the ability to copy other things than the selection via the right-click menu. However, the proper way to do this is to have the common stuff at the top: A copy that always copies what you have selected. Further down the menu you can still have the section-specific copy, but one should not have to click multiple times just to copy the selected text.

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B. J. Clarke | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 7 2010 6:51 AM

You wrote,

"Command-C sometimes works, but often does nothing. This is just a bug, plain and simple."

If it is a bug for Command-C to work intermittently, somehow the bug didn't bite me. I compiled 71 pages of research notes in a Word document last night, by using Command-C and Command-V. It worked like a charm every time. 

You also suggested that "when you right-click a selection that the right click menu always gives you the ability to copy it immediately, without clicking two more times."

Your statement confuses me because when I right click on a selection the right click menu does always give me the ability to copy immediately--and I only have to click once on the word Copy in the top left of the menu.

Since the problems you are having are not affecting everyone alike, perhaps you could post your logs for the devs to help them pinpoint why this problem is happening to you.  

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Martin Diers | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 7 2010 7:40 AM


When you change the right-click menu section to Lemma, it remembers your selection later on. When you right-click a selection later on, you will not get a copy of the selection but of the Lemma of the first word of the selection. This is not a bug. This is the intentional behavior of Logos. Thus there is no need for a log.

Regarding the Command-C or Edit->Copy, if it works just once, it will work the rest of the Logos session. But every time I start Logos, it does not work. I can make it work only by repeatedly selecting passages and trying to copy them, until it finally "takes". Thereafter it will work. Sometimes it works if I re-select the text just once. Sometimes I have to re-select the text repeatedly. If I do not re-select, I can choose Command-C or Edit->Copy as many times as I want, and nothing gets copied. It is as if Logos is unaware that anything has been selected.





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