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Brad Morris | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Sep 19 2020 8:40 PM

Over the time I used Wordsearch I created documents that I imported into my library as a document.. Now that I have converted to Logos, all my content has come over and is in my library but none of the "Documents" have come over. 

Is there a way to add these docs that I have created into Logos so that when I do searches these docs can be included?


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David Taylor Jr | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Sep 19 2020 8:52 PM

I think they are working on that...

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From https://www.logos.com/wordsearch-faq#mybooks-docs:

When will my notes, highlights, and other documents be available in Logos?

We know how important the work you’ve invested has been. Safely transferring all of your notes, highlights, documents, and other material into Logos is one of our top priorities. Doing this with care will take time, and so we anticipate completing this work by early 2021.

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