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Stephen Schamber | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Dec 1 2020 11:28 AM

My idea for this comes from my Moon+ Reader (I have the pro, though it works on the unpaid version, too).

There are various choices for auto-scroll in the reader. My preferred mode is "rolling blind by pixel," which has a bar moving down the screen. Bellow the bar is the "current" page and above is the next page. As I read to the bottom of the screen, my eyes go to the top and the top of the screen is on the next page.

When auto scroll is enabled, I can slide one finger up or down the screen to speed up or slow down the speed. Using two fingers allows me to slide the bar itself up or down the screen to reveal more or less of the "next" page without changing the overall speed. A tap on the screen pauses, while swiping left or right cancels the scroll mode.

Moon Reader has several different auto scroll modes. User selected options would be nice for those who might like a different mode than I, of course.

Thanks for your work.

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