Logos 4 Mac RC 1 & RC 2 Release Notes

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Tom Philpot (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Sep 14 2010 5:13 PM | Locked

Logos 4 Mac RC 1 & RC 2 Release Notes

RC1 version string in About Box is

RC2 version string in About Box is

The app should auto update, but you can always download the latest release from http://www.logos.com/logos4mac
or "Set update channel to beta" from the command bar.


  • Pasting into Pages ‘09 now works with all citation formats.
  • Fixed Copy from footnote popup.
  • Added better support for pasting into Microsoft Word.
  • Menu options are more consistent in their use of Title Casing.
  • Fixed more blank/mismatched panel issues.
  • Fixed issue with Text Comparison, Compare Versions, and Search panels where pressing Enter in version text box would not accept versions entered.

Biblical People

  • Updated styles to match Windows 4.1 styles.

Highlighting Panel

  • Label text above or below highlighting style name is no longer clipped clipped if the label is longer than the text.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when duplicating Emphasis or Inductive style palettes.

Information Panel

  • Pronunciation icons should now be shown (if there is a pronunciation to play).


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when scrolling Notes documents.

Reading Lists

  • Checking an item as read now functions properly.
  • Fixed display bug that occurred when Author was not specified on the topics.logos.com wiki for an article.

Resource Display

  • Resource background color can now be set via Program Settings.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking in a footnote link in resource popup.
  • Improved scrolling smoothness.
  • Table of contents pane opens to the correct width when opening a resource from the home page.


  • Fixed a crash in Verses view (RC2).


  • Fixed crash that occurred when clicking on +/-/Fit buttons.
  • Timelines now scale correctly when using +/-/Fit buttons.


  • Library popup closes when opening a resource.
  • Added code to edit Title and Abbreviated Title in the Resource Information panel.


  • Text scaling is now supported.

Visual Filters

  • Added “Match Case” and “Match All Word Forms” options to panel menu.

Mobile Development Team Lead

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