Logos 4 Mac Gold Master Release Notes

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Tom Philpot (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Sep 17 2010 10:39 AM | Locked

Logos 4 Mac Gold Master Release Notes

The app should auto update, but you can always download the latest release here: http://www.logos.com/logos4mac

Gold Master version is:


  • Default update channel is set to “stable”.
  • Tool tip styling is more consistent throughout the application.

Interlinear Pane

  • Restored right-click context menu which enables changing display options.

Add New Tab

  • Fixed a display issue with resource images and titles in the Add New Tab panel.

Exegetical Guide

  • Fixed a crash in Exegetical guide when using certain resources in Word-By-Word section.
  • Fixed bug where selected search type was not properly updated when changing search types from the search history popup.
  • Fixed bug where the auto-completer was being overly aggressive and displaying when swapping between tabs.
  • Fixed bug with syntax search history where selecting an item would not rerun the search.
  • Fixed bug where adding/removing parallel resources caused a new set of results to be appended to the bottom of the existing results (this appeared to most people as it failing to update, but instead, it was just stuffing the new, “correct” results at the end of the list)


  • Using tab to indent list items works again; this will probably get some revision in the future.
  • Various UI improvements while editing a particular note.
  • Delete button on Notes works again.

Self Tests

  • Fixed regression with missing scroll bar.

Prayer lists

  • Fixed the tool tip on a prayer in the home page tool.

Mobile Development Team Lead

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