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R. Mansfield | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Oct 19 2010 9:20 PM

I received some of the books I had on pre-pub yesterday (12/19)--specifically the Elisha Collection and the Ecclesiastes Collection--in Logos on my Mac. I had assumed these would show up in Logos on my iPad, but was surprised to not find them. The public domain work on mythology also released on the same day does appear. As I said, I was surprised as I thought had read numerous times that all new book contracts had mobile usage included. If new books are not going to be available in iOS, maybe we could get some kind of heads up at the pre-pub stage.

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Wes Saad | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Oct 19 2010 9:41 PM

Product pages will normally say if they will be available on the iPhone/iPad. Just glancing at the Elisha Collection, it does not say it is available on iOS. Also, for those resources that are/will be available, there is sometimes a lag of a few days between product release and iOS availability.

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J.R. Miller | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Oct 19 2010 10:08 PM

Hi Rick,  good to hear from you.

R. Mansfield:
I had assumed these would show up in Logos on my iPad, but was surprised to not find them
Each product indicates which works will be available in iPad / iPhone applications.

R. Mansfield:
specifically the Elisha Collection
Notice that bit is missing on the Elisha collection which indicates it will not be on the iPad platform.

And, as already mentioned, it can be a few days before the resource is placed on the appropriate server for reading on portable platforms. 



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R. Mansfield | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 20 2010 6:38 AM

Chris & Joe, 

Yes, you  are both correct. And I have seen that notice before, but I guess I was just a bit surprised. Reading my post this morning, I think I come across a bit grumpy in it. I should tell you that I wrote that from my iPad, sitting in bed last night. I had received the notices yesterday about the books coming out of pre-pub, but having been busy, I hadn't really had a chance to explore them yet. 

I've been reading in bed a lot lately since I got the iPad because I can continue to do so long after Kathy goes to sleep as I don't need a light on with the iPad, and the screen glow is not enough to bother her. So, yes, I think I felt a bit miffed when the books weren't there. But you're right, the notice is listed on the books that are available on the iOS. However, I do hope Sheffield will allow all of its titles to be made available in the mobile space.

So...having said all that, let me contribute to an interim solution rather than just complain Smile

One temporary solution is to port a chapter at a time into another format and transfer that to the iPad. So, as a kind of test run, I copied chapter 1 from (Per)mutations of Qohelet and pasted it into iWork Pages. 

Let me say that I really appreciate how Logos places all of a book's footnotes at the bottom of the page. This is extremely helpful as I hate chasing endnotes back and forth across a document. Formatting held with the exception of first line paragraph indents and indenting of block quotes. However, it took me all of two or three minutes to compare the chapter between Logos and Pages and indent the block quotes. Then, for viewing on the iPad, I enlarged all the main text by two points and ported both a native Pages document as well as a PDF. 

A few weeks ago, I wouldn't have even considered Pages for this because the iPad version didn't support footnotes, but with the most recent update, it does (at least in viewing, but not in creation). The PDF version opens nicely in GoodReader. I'll play around with both, but one immediate advantage of GoodReader is that I can add comments/notes--something that the iOS version of Logos cannot even currently offer. 


Here are screenshots straight from the iPad: first from GoodReader and second from Pages:



As you can see, either of these is a good interim solution for reading the titles on the iPad, and it took me less than five minutes total to copy, paste, format, and port them from one device to the other.

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R. Mansfield | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 20 2010 6:59 AM

Oh, one more step I added in the formatting process in Pages was to add a few points of space following paragraphs. The issue of losing first line indents didn't matter much to me, but it seemed crucial to distinguish between paragraphs. This was very quickly achieved by selecting all all text (Command-A) and then adjusting the spacing following each paragraph in the Pages Inspector. Again, this took only a few seconds. Very easy to do.

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J.R. Miller | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 20 2010 9:24 AM

R. Mansfield:
Reading my post this morning, I think I come across a bit grumpy in it.
I did not get that from your post brother.  It just sounded like a good question to me Yes

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Ryan Burns | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Oct 21 2010 5:12 AM

Hey Rick,

It has been a few months since I was around the process at Logos, but when I was there it took up to a week for a product that came off pre-pub to appear as available for the iphone. I noticed that it is still the same way when I got Ursinus' commentary the other day. When it came off pre-pub, it wasn't on my iPhone. Couple days later it was available:

So, if this is PD stuff you're talking about, then check in a couple of days and I bet it'll be there for ya.

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