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Steve Brannon | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Dec 31 2010 12:17 PM

I frequently find that as I study my favorite Bible passage, I want to look at several commentaries.  A great way to accomplish this is by controlling the Link Set.

However, not all commentaries are created alike.  I may be studying Genesis 4:1-5, for example.  When I look at one commentary, it has notes on each verse.  When I click the tab for the next commentary, it may cover Genesis 4:3-10.  The next commentary (now set at Gen 4:3) covers, for example, Gen 5-20.  My Bible tab and other resources are slowly drifting away from the Scripture I was studying.

In addition, as I read I will sometimes find a note in a commentary that I want to come back to.  But, if I go to my Bible tab, or one of the other commentaries, the position of the commentary I just left suddenly moves.  This is what it is supposed to do, but not what I want it to do.

Yes, I could keep turning the Link Set on and off, but that is a nuisance.

I wish there were a series of "Quick Jump To" buttons along the top of the current resource window (in the space between the passage jump-to data entry box and the "Article" and Prev/Next arrows where I could "Quick Jump" to Link Set A position, Link Set B position, etc.  That way I could leave a commentary where I left off, and yet still quickly move to the current location of my Bible study.


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