Please fix how Logos 4 handles disk based resources

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Kitty Hansberry | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Dec 31 2010 11:53 PM

I bought seven disks.  They have serial numbers on them.  I have wasted hours trying to get them into my library but nothing works and customer support is closed until Monday.  No sheet of instructions in the package.  The sticker says to to to but those instructions are for installing Libronics, not for installing resources when not installing Libronics.  They are also for Logos 3 whereas I have Logos 4.  The Wiki gives instructions, but they assume you have activated the products (but no instructions on how to do that prerequisite).  I searched the formus, that explain how to do this for Logos 3, how to do it for MAC, how to do it for downloaded resources, etc.  Nothing explains how to get serial number sinto Logos 4 for Windows.  I tried the forums.  They suggested calling customer service (which is closed).  They suggested installing Logos 3, but that never allowed me to enter the serial numbers.  I tried the Logos 3 unlock function, but it wanted me to buy it all over again or call customer service.  This is a huge frustration and it is about to become a barrier to buying any products from Logos until the problem is fixed.  You took my money and I cannot use what I bought until you decide to let me and that is not until Monday.  Well it turns out most of my free time is on Saturdays and that is a long time off.

I bought the products from Logos.  You have the ability to put the serial numbers into your database so I can synchronize.  Why did you not do it?  Why did you not provide correct instructions?  Why did you provide incorrect instructions?  Why did you not put something in your forums about this issue?  Why did you not put something in your wiki about this issue?  Why is this an issue anyway; just make it as easy as downloading. 

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jan 1 2011 12:55 AM

Wonder if Orders show on Logos web site=> (can click order number for download instructions for Logos 4 and previous versions).  If orders are on web site for your Logos account, should be able to close, then open Logos 4 to initiate automatic download (no serial number needed)

In list of Libronix 3 support articles noticed one about serial number entry

Recently installed Libronix 3.0g so could compare some features with Logos 4 - have clicked "UNLOCK" on many orders (on Logos web site) to download update file for Libronix 3.0g, run file, chose resource(s) to download.  After checking Libronix 3 library, good idea to sync licenses (Tools => Library Management => Synchronize Licenses).

Observation: looking in Logos4.log file, noticed Logos 4 automatically scans Libronix 3 resources.

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Keith Larson | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jan 1 2011 2:29 AM


Logos 3.0 disks must be installed and unlocked using Logos 3.0.

Just install Logos 3.0 from the disks you purchased and unlock each disk using the Logos 3 installation procedure. (You do not need to install the books to your hard drive if you do not plan to use L3).  Once all the disks are installed use the sync command found under Tools|Library Management to get your license onto the Logos server.  Now start up L4 and it will prepare your library and download the new books.

Hope this helps.

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