Multitouch Support on Windows Please

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Anonymous | | Posted: Sun, Jan 2 2011 5:37 AM

Windows 7 supports multitouch gestures, but Logos 4 does not respond to them. The following things need to be fixed or changed to support multitouch monitors and tablet pcs better.

1) Two Finger Scroll.  Which ever pane you touch with two fingers and drag both in the same direction will scroll in the direction you drag.

2) Pinch Zoom.  Which ever pane you touch with two fingers and drag only one finger, or both fingers in opposite directions, change the text size to larger (if the fingers are dragged apart) or to smaller (if the fingers are dragged closer).

3) Two finger instant zoom.  Which ever pane you tap with two fingers toggles between 150% and 100% of normal size.

4) Also please respond to Scroll Up and Scroll Down actions from Pen Flicks.  I've been able to work around this one by mappig the flicks to Page Up and Page Down, but that is less than optimal because it is complex to do that mapping and because of another bug where Logos4 does not respond well, or at all, to Page Up and Page Down in many types of panes.

5) Finally, allow resizing the scroll bars independent of the whole user interface.  They are incredably tiny by default and scaling the whole user interface on a 1024x600 screen results in other unacceptable problems.  I'd like to make just them a bit more touch friendly, or, if you implement two finger scrolling, have the option to remove them entirely.

My name is Adam. I work at Faithlife with the software teams responsible for the Logos desktop and web apps.

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Ward Walker | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jan 4 2011 7:29 PM


Logos, make me think I was using iOS ... but implement smartly for PC; know when I'm using the stylus vs multi-touch--just like MS Office 2010

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