How to load CD resources into Logos 4

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Kitty Hansberry | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jan 4 2011 11:21 PM


Some CDs are for Logos 3.  They come with a sticker telling you where to go on the web for installation instructions.  These are Logos 3 instructions.  After trying to make that work and failing, you will discover that the forums and the Wiki also have instructions.  Most of these are also Logos 3 and I found nothing for Logos 4 that was a complete procedure (that is more than a piece of the puzzle or a hint of some kind).  I even had Customer Service supply Logos 3 instructions for Logos 4.  Anything that mentions "My Library" is for Logos 3 and requires magic to be useful in Logos 4.  However, these instructions are simple. 


  1. Call Logos Customer Service and ask them to activate your new CD resource(s).  They will enter the serial numbers found on the CD envelope stickers into their license database.
  2. In Logos 4 go to Tools | Program Settings.  In the General section, make sure Use Internet is set to yes.  Your computer will need to be connected to the Internet.
  3. Your Logos 4 will synchronize with the Logos license database over the Internet.  When it does, it will update the licenses on your computer.  This is all automatic.
  4. Once your licenses are updated, logos will discover you have licensed resources that are missing from your computer.  It will download them to your computer.  This is all automatic.
  5. This may take some time depending on how soon synchronization takes place, how large your resources are and how fast your Internet connection downloads.


  1. Check progress by typing control L.  This brings up a floating Library window.  Maximize the size of the window.
  2. You want a spreadsheet like display with rows and columns.  If you do not have that, above the resources is the word View.  Click it to switch to or from spreadsheet layout.  The rows of the spreadsheet display are resources and the columns are attributes of those resources such as Title, Author and Publisher. 
  3. The columns are configurable like in a spreadsheet.  You can select columns (right click on any column heading and select the columns you want from the pop-up window).  You can resize columns (drag the separator between the column headings).  You can rearrange the column headings (just drag them).  Now configure the columns that will be helpful in finding your new resource(s).
  4. Put your resources in order so you can find resources.  Do this by clicking on the column heading that you want to sort them by.  A small triangle will appear in the header of the sorted column.  If you want to sort in reverse order, click there again and notice the triangle turned upside down.
  5. Some columns group resources together into a summary entry.  For example, when you sort by author, the author's name appears once even if you have many of his resources.  This greatly shortens the list making it easier to find your resource(s).  This works on some columns and not on others (for obvious reasons).  At the left of each such summary line is a triangle that you can click to expand that summary line.  For example, do that to see all the resources you have by that one author.
  6. Now that you have configured the Library window for ease of finding your resource(s), scroll to where they should be and see if they have arrived yet.  Sometimes the resources are not found where you expect.  Try sorting on another column and looking again.  For example, you are looking for the book on Revelation in The Pulpit Commentary.  Will the Title column sort it under P, R or T?  That is when sorting by Author or by Series might be more helpful to you.

I hope this helps get your CD resources installed painlessly.  By the way, the stuff about the Library window came from the Logos 4 training seminar by Morris Proctor.  Highly recommended.

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Dominick Sela | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jan 5 2011 3:44 AM

Very comprehensive, thanks Kitty!

For those who can't easily call Sales, you can also email your serial number to with the same result.

FYI there is a column in the library now, "Last Updated", that was created after the training video(s).  It's easier now to bring up your library, be sure "Last Updated" column is highlighted for viewing, click on it to sort by that column, and then your newest resources should be at the very top (need to scroll to the top) and view any resources where LastUpdated is "Today". (Note you cannot yet filter by the LastUpdated field). That way you don't have to go looking for your new resources by name (and some times the names show slightly differently than advertised on the Logos web page).

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