Any chance of getting on the alpha program?

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David Manning | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 3 2011 8:09 AM

I would still be willing to test in the Alpha Project. I am currently running ProPresenter.

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Adam Posegate | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Aug 11 2011 7:19 AM

I am a current user of Media Shout 3.5, and would love to be a tester of Proclaim Online.

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ChrisDunning | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Aug 11 2011 8:47 AM

Hey Matthew,

I'd love to give Proclaim a whirl. We've been using MediaShout, but the lack of interoperability between the Mac and Windows versions, along with the difficulty in collaboration have served as a source of frustration for us. We've worked with LiveWorship, but support from the developers has slowed to an absolute trickle, and some functionality is broken with no sign of it being resolved.

I really like what I've seen of Proclaim so far, and would be interested in testing.




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Randy Boose | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Aug 15 2011 8:27 PM



Next time you add some people to the alpha can you please send me an invite. Personally being able to edit on the 'cloud' does nothing for me so I am more excited to see and give feedback on the visual side of things.

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