Results from comparing scrolling in various resources/files (plus an extremely slow startup)

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fgh | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Apr 27 2011 1:14 PM

I have no idea whether this will help the developers at all, but I did a little experiment with scrolling earlier today, while also trying to eliminate as many possible 'outside' factors as possible: 

1) I created a layout with 5 vertical panels: a) NRSV, b) The Imitation of Christ, c) an exceptionally large passage list for <EissfeldtHexateuch = Priestly> in AFAT (2168 passages), d) my [probably] largest note file (about 42 notes, mostly very short), and e) a morph search for lemma:דבר.1. No links. All filters, RI's, TOC's etc off. Everything positioned to the beginning of the text. Text size at 100%. (Unfortunately unable to get columns of exactly equal width, plus the PL began to look awful when it got narrow, but hopefully that shouldn't affect the scrolling.)

2) I opened the History panel, cleared it, and closed it again.

3) I saved the layout, took the screen shot below, and synced an extra time just in case.

Observation: the scroll bar 'handle' is very much longer in Search than in the other panels. Ought to be longest in Notes, since that is the shortest file.

4) I closed Logos and all other programs, ran Time Machine, rebooted the computer twice, first with a safe start, and then with a normal one, opened TextEdit, so that I could record what I was doing, and reopened Logos, directly to the new layout. Got a very long spinning beach ball during start up (and before the search had started running). (Actually, I checked the hard drive as well, while in safe mode, as an extra precaution.)

5) I made 10 full and fast 'scrolls' in each of the 5 panels, trying to do it the same way in all.

6) I analyzed the results:

a) OK for now, but the introduction is very long when in such a narrow panel, so I didn't even get to Gen 1. When starting from Gen 1 instead, I got to 5:15 (121st verse).

b) OK for now, but another long introduction. Got just a tiny bit into the real text. When starting from Book One instead, I got to the heading of the 6th chapter.

c) OK for now. Gen 10:7 at the top of the panel (129th verse if I counted correctly).

d) Extremely slow. Middle of the 21st note at the top of the panel.

e) Slow. Ex 9:1 at the top of the panel (95th verse if I counted correctly).

New screen shot:

Observation for log-readers: at one point during this analysis I must have accidentally clicked a link which opened Bibel -82. Closed it again before continuing.

7) I repositioned all panels to the beginning of the texts -- except now to Genesis and Book One headings -- ran Time Machine again, and then made 10 full but relatively slow scrolls in each panel (more like when you're trying to locate a particular verse/note etc).

8) New analysis:

a) Gen 2:14 on top (45th verse).

b) Third Chapter on top.

c) Middle of Gen 5:10 (45th verse) on top.

d) Extremely slow indeed! My 11th note on top. That's one full scroll for each note!

e) Extremely slow, and exceptional difference between fast and slow scrolling. Gen 23:16 (23rd verse) on top. Little more than 2 verses/scroll.

(Being very surprised about the PL results -- much better than I generally experience -- I went on to open a couple of others, but got roughly the same results.)

9) I harvested the log: 2781.Logos4.log110427,

When you look at these results, remember that PL's, Notes and Search cannot be scrolled with arrow keys on Mac. I have to use the scroll wheel. Remember also that new notes on Mac do not automatically gain focus. I have to scroll to find them every time. With one full scroll wheel movement/verse, that's a lot of scrolling! Especially with an already inflamed finger. Plus, most of my note files aren't in canonical order, so the new notes can be anywhere and are sometimes very hard to find. And when I have found them, I have to drag and drop them to the right place, which is equally slow. 

Hope you gain something out of this, so I haven't done it all in vain.

(Done on Mac Mini, the half-a-year old model, with a 19" screen and SR-5. Use Internet on. Start objects: iTunes Helper, Logitech Control Center Daemon and AppCleaner Helper.)



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Melissa Snyder | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Apr 29 2011 10:18 AM

Thank you for the information and the logs. We'll review your data.

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