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Dewayne Davis | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jun 23 2011 11:12 AM | Locked

Were there perhaps performance improvements made to scrolling in the latest Beta? I seem to have lost the slight lag at chapter breaks.

I had no complaints before. There was only a slight pause. But now I no longer seem to have a use for my SSD drive. It seems that speed has picked up enough that I can't tell a difference between the SSD and the 7200 RPM internal hard drive, even though the SSD is twice as fast on reads and has SSD access times.

I was running my resources and indexes on an Expresscard34 SSD, which increased the speed of resource access and was most noticeable when scrolling across chapter breaks. Now everything seems so fast that even on the Hard Drive I don't notice a delay. Guess it is time to sell the SSD and buy more books.

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