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AA7163 | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jul 5 2011 8:25 AM

There have been SO many requests for the same features, or reports for the same bugs (many of which are known and spoken of in one of the top two threads or would be found if people searched the forum).  

Could we set up a wiki, or some kind of poll where people could vote for which features are most important to them?  I think at this point the developers probably have enough to do that they aren't looking at all the posts in the forums, but at some point this info would be helpful to the development on the Android platform.

Also in respect to bugs, two ideas.  Could logos consolidate the info about FAQ and Android beta 4 posts into one new posts, this might mean more people would look at it.  Or could the info be sent out to the Android mailing list.  If not this time, then the next time a beta is released.  Second idea would be to also make a poll/way for people to submit bugs and then let others mark that they also have the same problem.

I'm Excited to see the software develop further!

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