Advice appreciated concerning parallels and ssd

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Mike Tourangeau | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jul 16 2011 4:36 PM

Hi, I am running L4 on a macbook (dual-core 2.ghz) with 4 gb of ram and a ssd. Sometimes the thing just makes me mad Angry

I am considering getting rid of the mac L4 and running windows 7 and the windows version in parallels. Given my specs do you think it would run better?

I would really like notes to work better (open to the note you are working on). I can't run both due to space on the ssd.....

Anybody doing this and be able to give some input?




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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jul 16 2011 6:14 PM

Observation: running Logos 4 in a Windows virtual machine (Parallels, VMWare Fusion, or VirtualBox) needs many GB's more disk space for virtualization software, Windows 7 installation, plus Logos 4.  Note: Windows 7 likes to have hibernation and page files (each one about the size of RAM allocated to virtual machine).

Adventurous option is installing current 4.3 Beta on Mac to try out improvements (many items listed in wiki Mac and PC User Interface Differences => Feature Parity section, including several improvements/fixes for notes) plus Personal Book Builder (PBB), which is free for Beta testing.  Wiki has => Logos 4 Beta Program page with information and risks: could join 4.3 Beta development cycle, then transition to stable release using set update channel to default command (receive remaining 4.3 Beta releases then Stable 4.3 updates).  If want to skip over remaining 4.3 Beta releases, can use command set update channel to stable

Earlier in this 4.3 Beta development cycle, releases were buggy (crashed a lot for many).  Recently switched a stable 4.2b SR-1 installation to 4.3 Beta 11 to test resource downloads (found download could hang, but took fewer restarts than stable to download many resources); also hope to verify automatic transition to stable 4.3 release (update channel is set to default).  Am aware 4.3 Beta on Mac does have some annoying issues not yet resolved =>

If encounter Logos 4 Mac Beta issue, can post in Mac Beta forum for support and discussion.

Typically Beta releases are couple weeks apart; for past 6 weeks, new Beta has been released weekly (on Tuesday).

Looking at Logos 4.3 Beta 12 release notes, appears Personal Book Builder (PBB) known issues are shrinking.  Once PBB ready for stable release, anticipate stable 4.3 release candidate (speculation: possibly later this month, depends on PBB progress).  Also aware next 4.3 Beta includes Morph Search visual filter fix =>

Keep Smiling Smile

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