Tilt Scrolling request for iPhone/ iPad

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Jonas Hearus | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Aug 21 2011 5:07 PM

The following feature would make the Logos iphone app INCREDIBLE

It's called tilt scrolling and is utilized by a few different apps, such as Instapaper and Iflow. It is simply incredible! Set the phone at the desired position, enable this feature and then as one tilts the phone the text starts scrolling at a slow pace going faster with a greater tilt and slower coming back to the neutral point. This feature can of course be turned off and on, but in my opinion you are crazy to not see how pleasurable this feature makes reading digital text.

With the built in accelerometer the Iphone has the potential to redefine how we read books and interact with text. Page turning is a thing of the past. I once heard a bike shop owner say something that is bigger than just regarding bikes, he noted that you should never conform to a bike, a bike should conform to your body so that you are comfortable. Iphone readers that involve horizontal page turning/flipping are conforming us to old technology, why?. Tilt scroll technology allows one to rest their iphone/ipad on their lap or arm rest and read at their desired pace by simply giving the device the subtlest desired tilt with next to no effort and easily going through limitless text.

THIS FEATURE IS INCREDIBLE and will make you never want to swipe a digital page again but rather just effortlessly have the text auto scroll at your subtly desired speed.

Please consider implementing this feature, I think it will make the Logos/Vyrso readers far beyond all other handheld readers of any kind. At the least, I hope the option to have a vertical scroll might happen. This is how emails, web browsing and all other text on such devices are managed yet this seems lost in readers regarding books, why?

Check out a video demo of this incredible feature here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3717E_AQfI

Please please please add this feature.

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