LAST CHANCE! A testimonial

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Brother Mark | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Sep 9 2011 5:37 AM

I received this in my email yesterday, tucked away in the middle of other important and not-so-important messages.  I'd been considering whether or not to purchase Logos' offer of the NICOT/NT at a really excellent price of $999.95 (Look honey! It's less than a thousand!!), but justifying it just after getting the WBC bundle was a budgetary dilemma on my retiree income.  As a quick aside, Logos posted the NICOT/NT deal literally minutes after I'd invested in the WBC bundle... I could have cried!  So, anyway, there I am, weighing whether to keep the WBC bundle, return it and get the NICOT/NT, or dip into discretionary savings to have both.  I pored over commentary reviews, weighed the relative merits of sample pages and my study habits contrasted against personal reading tastes.  I was working hard to ensure I was being a good steward, and not simply feeding my bibliomaniacal habit.

I'd long since determined that the best approach for building my Logos library was to add individual resources vs. upgrading to Gold or Platinum (or, SWEET MAMA!: Portfolio) which contained many resources that I either had little interest in, or lacked the original language training to use at all.  So, of course, I wasn't really interested in a base package upgrade.  But, hey, since I'm doing serious comparison shopping, why not poke a Logos sales rep just to see how good my options might be.  "Santiago!  I have a difficult decision to make, can you help me?"

Long(er) story short, and much to my surprise, AND confirmed by another close comparison of base packages, I decided to upgrade to Platinum and retain the WBC bundle, but bypassed the really sweet NICOT/NT deal.  The moral of the story is.... If you aren't enjoying the benefits of the Platinum package already, or you are a resource-by-resource library builder like I am, you owe it to yourself to revisit the Logos Upgrade Page, then call your sales rep.  

But, you say, "WHY?? I'VE BEEN OVER THAT CHART A DOZEN TIMES!" I found that some of the purchases I'd made as recent additions to my library were included in higher base packages AND that my sales rep could discount a base package upgrade by that amount. Such a deal!  Check it out, but be quick... the "sale" ends 30 Sept!

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Praiser | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Sep 9 2011 12:59 PM

Nicely stated Brother Mark! Yes

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Michael Childs | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Sep 9 2011 3:13 PM

Platinum is a great deal! 

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Ron Corbett | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Sep 9 2011 6:19 PM

Platinum is THE deal!

Portfolio just does not seem to compare in value - considering all the books I already own which are packaged in Portfolio. To me, the books I would get / or wanted to get in that package seemed to almost add up to the "bargain price". I looked at the list on several occasions and always came to the same conclusion.

But I am SO happy with the Platinum. No complaints. And I did go for the "Back to School" special - that was too sweet to pass up. Logos does it again!!!!!!!   Smile 

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