Carson's "For the Love of God" is indexed by 'Day of Year' but does not work with Reading Plan

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Patrick S. | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Dec 14 2011 10:18 AM

I just bought the Carson 'Love of God' collection bundle on special listed on Logos 4 Home page.

It downloaded and indexed fine. I see in the 'For the Love of God , Volume One' title that it is indexed by page and 'Day of Year'. If I go into the book and type a day of year, for example December 6, it goes to that entry in the book.

All good so far.

As the book is a day by day reflection book I wanted to set it up in a reading plan. I read the info on reading plans on the Logos 4 wiki.

However no matter which way I try to enter the information for the range into the reading plan it won't work. Either page or, what I want, 'Day of Year'. I would have thought that I enter something like "January 1 - December 31", I even tried a list of days - January1, January 2, January 3 - etc. Won't work.

Anyone got this to work and/or have any suggestions - given that there is a valid index should allow me to use it I thought.

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NB.Mick | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Dec 14 2011 10:27 AM

Patrick S.:
As the book is a day by day reflection book I wanted to set it up in a reading plan.

Patrick, unfortunately I have much less experience with Reading Plans as I'd like to. However, this "day by day reflection books" are of type "Calendar Devotional" - thus if you simply prioritize it on top of everything else, you'll be shown it on your Logos Homepage everyday.

Hope this helps,


EDIT: I played a bit with the Reading plan feature. Basically Logos tries to create evenly distributed chunks from the resource. The problem seems to be, that Carson is indexed by Day of Year and by Pages, thus confusing Logos: the software distributes only the 20 or so pages over time. 

It should work with Day of Year-only resources, tried with "My utmost for his highest". note that I tricked it to really start Jan1 on January 1st, 2012 (click on picture to enlarge) 



EDIT 2: It will work, if you get away from the index problem (by the way, real duplicated indices work with one of them, thus you can have a reading plan for Catena Aurea on pages, but not on bible passages even though it's bible-indexed).

I made a PB out of the January entries (Print/Export, selected Jan 1 through Jan 31, export into new Word Doc, make Headings from every date entry, which is a piece of cake in outline view, saved as docx). This PB has neither page nor date index,...


thus the Reading Plan takes the days from the TOC: voila

Hope this helps even more, may it benefit you!







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