Bug: 4.5 Beta 14 Keyboard Shortcuts for Rich Text Editor and Font Scaling

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jan 14 2012 3:10 PM | Locked

Using Logos 4.5 Beta 14 on Mac, appears keyboard shortcut Command-= in Notes increases Font Scaling while Command-- decreases Font Scaling, which is appreciated.

However, Shift-Command-+ also increases Font Scaling vis applying Superscript (as documented in Help).  Likewise, Help has Command-= for Subscript in Rich Text Editor; Shift-Command-_ would be complementary to Shift-Command-+ and peacefully coexist with Font Scaling shortcuts.

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Tonya J Ross | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jan 18 2012 3:32 PM | Locked

Well, that's useful. Wink  Thank you for reporting this!  I'll make a case to get the keyboard shortcut sorted out.

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