TIP: How you can protect your Logos.com identity by using browser's master password and temporary cookies

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Timothy Ha | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Nov 11 2009 10:33 AM

I'm a web programmer and I'm a little bit paranoic about everything related to Internet applications, so I always use a master password to protect all of my websites' passwords which the browser keeps.  This function is not available in MSIE, but it's there in Firefox, and I think Opera or Safari also supports this.

But while the password is secure, Logos.com as a web application makes use of cookies, which are usually stored permanently, which means anyone can use my browser to spend my money on some Logos resource, or participate in the forums.  Login/logout in the forum everytime is not a good option, because I have to remember to do that.

Here is another solution which you can do in Firefox (I haven't tested this in Opera and other browsers like Safari).

a) use a master password and choose the "Save passwords" option in Firefox

b) in cookies management section allow the browser to use cookies, even permanent ones, but set exceptions for logos.com and community.logos.com to use cookies only during the session.  Not using cookies at all will not solve the problem, because logos.com needs these cookies to function (the website software can be changed use web sessions instead of web cookies, but this has to do with the developers of logos.com - my solution doesn't involve them :-)).

Now, whenever you close the browser window, the cookies are deleted, and the password is still safe.  At next entry into logos.com "My account" or logos.com forums you will be prompted with your login and password.  But since the browser already stores this, you will need to enter only the master password (and if you visited some other password-protected website like Gmail.com in the same session, before logos.com, then this step can be skipped).

Hope this helps.

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Posts 401
Timothy Ha | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Nov 11 2009 10:46 AM

Oops.  It doesn't work yet.  The logos.com/login box has attribute autocomplete="off" for login and password fields!

To Logos.com web developers:  please give autocomplete="on", because you already use unsafe permanent cookies.  Master password of the browser can take care of this form...

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