Possible bug: unable to control from remote app when toggling on/off air

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Andy | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Feb 12 2012 8:08 AM

This could well be a red herring, but this morning we experienced the same problem reported here (from the 08 January 2012). Essentially, the iPad controller failed to display the on air presentation in the menu preventing us from taking control from the app.

However, I noticed a similarity from this incident and that previously reported on the thread linked above. On both occasions we did a practice run through before the service which necessitated us going 'on air', controlling from the app, and then 'off air'. When we then went back 'on air' immediately before the service, the 'on air' presentation failed to display on the app. There was a twenty minute delay between going 'off air' and then back 'on air'.

We attempted the same fixes mentioned on the other thread (uninstalling and then reinstalling the app), but this time we were able to rectify the issue by killing the app on the iPad and then quitting and restarting Proclaim at the desktop end. When we logged back into the remote app we were then able to take control of the presentation at the appropriate point in the service.

We were running Proclaim from a desktop PC. 

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