Anabaptist Excitement

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Fred J. Morgan | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Mar 20 2012 5:56 PM

I am extremely please with not only LOGO finally introducing  Radical Christianity to the collection with the Zwingli writings and also the Anabaptist collection, but also excited by the response and short time they were on the Community Pricing.

The quick response to these works, I believe show the market value of adding more to these works.

My previous posting of Anabaptist works contain some of the material which is still out their. Some, such as the Martyrs Mirror is being worked on in PBB!

Many other works are still to be placed on the WANTED list, such as many works from Pathway Publishers (an Amish Publisher with NO INTERNET) located at the website. Many of these works start at as little as $1 for hardbound edition of 1001 Questions or the $1.49 coffee table booklet on how to drive a buggy. 

For my LOGOS friends... I suggest two books in paper edition from Pathway  which together will cost about $12....

1st  -  The Theology of Anabaptism by Robert Friedmann $9 - $10

2nd - The Writting of David Troyer (An Amish Bishop from the 19th Century) $2.50

Both books are very good and very interesting.

God  Bless and Cheers

Jeff   (Fred J Morgan)

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