Passage Guide - Feature Request & Possible Bug Report?

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BillS | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Nov 15 2009 5:15 PM

One more feature of the L3 PG was REALLY useful. In addition to navigating with all the up arrow/down arrow, pageup/pagedown, & touchpad scroll keys, I could also navigate with ctrl-f to search for particular results.

For instance (POSSIBLE BUG), in the L4 My Passage Guide I'm having trouble finding any use of the Preacher Commentary's volume on John when I run MPG on John 18:33-38. That's after prioritizing the entire Preacher commentary series, to see if I can't get it higher in the report. So far as I can tell, it isn't included--even though I confirmed that it's IN the Commentaries collection that I've searched in My Passage Guide.

With L3 PG, I could've just searched for it with ctrl-f.

I'd sure like to have all the nav keys + ctrl-f searching again!


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