Definite platform, doctrinal and disciplinarian, for Evangelical Lutheran district synods: constructed in accordance with the principles of the General Synod.

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Ken McGuire | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, May 18 2012 5:15 PM

In 1855 this short anonymous booklet arrived in the mail, and set off a firestorm.  As the controversy erupted, Samuel Simon Schmucker claimed this work as his own - not to anyone's surprize.

The Subject is the title of this work on the Title page.  The cover, however, has the much shorter title "Definite Synodical Platform".

In releasing this, I by no means wish to say I endorse it.  I do, however, recognize the historical value of this text.  This is the book answered by Mann's Plea and Hoffman's Broken Platform, which I released earlier.

Source is  It was a remarkably clean OCR.


Ken McGuire

The Gospel is not ... a "new law," on the contrary, ... a "new life." - William Julius Mann

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