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Sir Maru | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Jun 17 2012 5:59 AM

I've noticed that Logos now offers direct updates to their program with version 1.1 and higher.  However, Amazon Kindle Fire settings can block that.

Kindle parental controls must be removed by going to Settings \ More \ Parental Controls and turning them off.  I usually leave them with the following settings:

Parental Controls: On
Web Browser: Blocked
Password protect purchases: On
Password protect video playback: Off
Block and unblock content types: Unblocked
Password protect WiFi: Off

Plus, In-App Purchasing must be enabled at the Amazon Store: Apps \ Store \ Menu \ Settings

There I have enabled automatic updates (from the Amazon Store only) and "notify me when updates are installed."  Usually I do NOT enable In-App purchasing there since other apps may "push": sales without user permission and then record charges on one's credit card if supplied.  To get direct Logos updates one must enable them.  I have External Market Links enabled to the Amazon Appstore there.

To install android apps other than from the Amazon store, one must also go: Settings \ More \ Device = turn on: Allow Installation of Applications.

In Logos one must go: Logos \ Menu \ More \ About.  There one will see the Update Channel.  Two entries can be made there: stable or beta.  A check will indicate at top level or a download button will be seen.  To use it, the Amazon Kindle Settings must first be set as shown above.

If the Amazon Kindle Fire Settings are set correctly, Logos ebooks advertised on the Logos Main page should be able to be purchased directly from there as well.

When purchasing Logos eBooks directly, one can then access them on the Kindle Fire and on the Logos PC App as well and searches made through all Logos resources will include those eBooks.

Prices, however, may be different for those eBooks on Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Logos.  Amazon Prime ($ 80 per year) allows free borrowing of one eBook for a Kindle device per month with unlimited time to return (plus free 2 day shipping on all other purchases).  Only a Logos purchase will incorporate the eBook inside the Logos Library for full user use on Apple iPads, Kindle Fires and PC's.


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