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stan | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jul 6 2012 12:22 PM

perhaps it is a feature and I am not aware.  I am a heavy tech user but novice with this app.


I have an extensive logos4 library and really don't want to search the whole thing.  In fact sometimes just want to search one or two Bibles.


Is there a default or "quick start" function that would simplify searches and let me get to my info quicker?  Searching and getting a thousand results on my smartphone is beyond useless.

same is true of my desktop logos too which is on a small Lenovo convertible laptop.


what am I missing?

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Jack Hairston | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jul 6 2012 1:06 PM

You can search "a couple of Bibles" easily.

1. Click on the magnifier (search menu). A search panel will open.

2. In that panel, click on the SEARCH tab.

3. In that tab click BIBLE.

4. Define your search by changing the choices highlighted in blue:

  • Search all Bible Text
  • All passages (or just part of the passages: New Testament)
  • All Open Bibles (or just TOP BIBLES, or OPEN BIBLES, or just one Bible)
  • Put your search argument in the search field
  • Click the blue 'Search" arrow to execute your search.
By the way, searching in Logos4 is so fast that you probably won't save much time.



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