Logos on Mac/Lion with dual monitor draws font menu wrong.

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Doug Hiser | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Dec 31 2012 10:36 AM

I have logo's window open the second monitor and editing a note. The tool bar contains several things including a list of fonts and sizes. It works normally as long as the window is not dragged above where the title bar would appear if it was on the second monitor. An easy way to get a window with the top above the title bar is to click the green "maximize" button. Now with it in this position, the font menu works normal with the mouse, but if I hit the hot-key Cmd-Shift-F, the font menu appears on the primary monitor on the left edge. I don't have a logo's window here, so this just looks weird.

I have attached a screenshot. You can see the logo's title bar under the floating font menu. The logo's window is not shown as it is on the other monitor.

The work-around is don't maximize Logo's on the second monitor, but make it slightly smaller, so that it does not enter into the title bar region.

Logos: 5.0a SR-3 (

Lion: 10.7.5

Posts 42
Doug Hiser | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jan 1 2013 6:36 AM

I did some more experimenting. It appears that I can stretch the window to the top of the second monitor, but I can not let the logos window touch the left edge of the secondary/left monitor. I just had to shrink the window an 1/8th of an inch from the edge and the window started operating correctly.

So now I rearrange my monitors, and put the secondary one to the right of the primary monitor. I maximize the logos window on the secondary monitor, and the font menu now appears on the right-hand edge of the primary monitor. Once again the solution is to drag the left-edge of the logos window in 1/8th of an inch.

New arrangement: Primary on top of the secondary display. Maximize on the secondary. Now the menu appears halfway down the left edge of the primary window. 

As long as logo's is on the primary display (the one with the application menus), then the font menu always works.

Lastly, my displays are identical sizes so that they lineup exactly along either edge.

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