Translation pet peeve

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Josh | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Mar 4 2013 5:06 PM

Mark O'Hearn:


You have raised some worthwhile aside issues with regards to translations, that being the mechanics of producing the books themselves.  Red lettering is an invention, of course, but my preference to have it removed is rooted in the comfort of the reader more than anything else.  Related to that is the need for comfortable font size, and more relevant to the topic of study, paragraphed in order to aid the English student in following the thought of the writer.  All these preferences really make a difference in the second, third, fourth, etc. hour of study.  I have personally found switching to an e-book reader a great help with regards to these matters.

I agree that book study is probably the best way to undertake our studies.  I understand most were read out loud in one setting (thinking of the Epistles), but was that the case for the larger ones like Corinthians and Romans?  If so, I guess first century believers afforded more than 20 minutes for public speaking.  If context is “king,” then a book study is usually the best way to ascertain context, though admittedly the author has not fully developed a particular topic/theme, so one must examine all relevant Scripture from a topical study methodology.


Yeah, having an easy to read text makes a difference when studying for a long period of time. I love my Crossway ESV Personal Size Reference Bible, but the text isn't as big as I'd wish. I find myself opening up my Crossway ESV app on my phone more often - not only was it free, but it scrolls up and down instead of flipping pages! I'm not a big fan of reading the Bible on the Logos app.

As for studying, I prefer a book study - going verse by verse through the whole thing. I can typically get through an average sized book (like Judges) in two weeks.  This is also how I prefer my sermons too. This church that I live by has been going through Matthew for over a year now!

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