"Logos 5 not responding".....annoyed!!

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Pastor Michael Huffman | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Apr 15 2013 6:31 AM

When I reboot my computer and then attempt to load Logos 5, it says "not responding", then eventually does load. I have Logos loading to a blank screen and then I load my work space. It had stopped doing this until I downloaded the latest "update". I must say that it gets pretty annoying that Logos cannot seem to keep this from happening. I do not know if anyone else if having this issue or not, but I certainly am. It had stopped doing it and ran great and then the "update", to "fix bugs", downloads and then old problems pop back up. I am running the program on a computer that has specs far beyond what Logos recommends to run it. 

In all fairness, it only seems to be doing it after a reboot....once the program has been started once, it does not seem to do it anymore, and the program runs fine after it is open. However, it had stopped doing it all together before the latest "update". 

Is anyone else having this problem?

Pastor Michael Huffman, Th.A Th.B Th.M

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Mark Barnes | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 15 2013 7:49 AM

Logos always loads much slower the first time after rebooting, because none of its files are cached in memory. If you load Logos immediately after rebooting, it also has to load the .NET files into memory, which further slows things down.

If you want to try and diagnose, I suggest turning on permanent logging, rebooting, then waiting at least five minutes for your computer to 'settle down' and finish loading all the background services and programs. Then load Logos, and close it, and upload the logs. Then re-load Logos (it should be much quicker), and again upload the logs. By comparing the two logs, it's possible we might be able to work out what's causing the slowdown.

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