The Clash of Kingdoms

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Beloved Amodeo | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, May 9 2013 3:10 PM

As faith is is operant in the Kingdom of God and love is its currency, I am a risk taker. I offer this post in love for my forum family. I may unsettle some and I may even be pushing the envelope of forum guidelines. But, I was so struck by this message and with it I instantly knew I must share it.

I have waited for the right timing and was prayerful that the Lord would lead. Now is the time and you may rightly ask why and I will tell you. Logos has just announced, on Twitter and the home page, the release of a resource that parallels the message...well at least as much as I can adduce. 

As for the message, if you take my advice and challenge yourselves to listen to what this powerful woman of God has to say, I believe you will be blessed. The message and ministry in song lasts over an hour, so set aside the time needed to enjoy it.

The Kingdom of God has many mansions and the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Here's the link: Be Blessed! 


Meanwhile, Jesus kept on growing wiser and more mature, and in favor with God and his fellow man.

International Standard Version. (2011). (Lk 2:52). Yorba Linda, CA: ISV Foundation.

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