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Ben Amundgaard (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jun 7 2013 2:32 PM | Locked

I want to welcome you to the Logos Anglican forum.  I look forward to reading and responding to your posts on this forum.  I welcome any feedback on how I can improve this forum as well as any thoughts on how to improve our Anglican product line.

As with our other forums, please abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Please keep your discussions focused on Logos Bible Software: our software, products, websites, company, tools, etc.
  2. Please do not discuss or debate biblical, theological, or other controversial topics. Use one of the many web forums intended for these kinds of discussions.
  3. Please treat each other with the love, courtesy, respect, and kindness that you would if you were sitting in your living room together.
  4. Please do not use our forums to
    • sell or give away anything or link to anything you’re selling or giving away—including Logos products
    • promote or link to competitors
    • point people to other places that sell Logos-compatible products
    • advertise yourself, your business, your ministry, your website, etc. (a tasteful link in your forum signature is acceptable)
    • post Logos Coupon Codes. If you are aware of a special promotion Logos is running online, you are welcome to link directly to the promotion.
  5. Please search before posting. It’s likely that someone has already asked your question.
  6. Please help others follow these guidelines. If the problems continue after you’ve given a gentle reminder of these expectations, please click “Report Abuse” under “More” or send an email to forums@logos.com.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Under the mercy,


Director, Bible Study Products Department

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