Text Zooming for presentations to bible study groups and sunday morning congregations

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Derek Wilson | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Dec 17 2009 6:18 PM

In Logos 3, when viewing a scripture text – especially in full screen mode, I used the Zoom features to enlarge the text and had a max of 400% which was more than adequate.  However, in Logos 4, there appears to be a limit of 240% when looking at Tools, program settings, font size.  This appears to be the size when I view the scripture in full screen mode and use the text adjuster (see below comparing Logos 4 with Logos 3 for Zooming capabilities) and slide it to the far right to the max letter size. 

I’m looking for a way to zoom the text beyond the “lowered” limit of 240% - like I did in Logos 3.  Below are two pictures (Logos 4 on top, Logos 3 below it) showing the differing zooming capacities/limits.  I use Logos for Sunday morning bible studies with my congregation (connecting my laptop to a larger screen for a small congregation’s view) – and Logos 3 enabled me to do that wonderfully.  Now I seem to be “limited” (sounds like a joke really, considering the power of logos 4) to just 240.  I’m therefore “forced” (or shall I say, “blessed”) to resort back to Logos 3 for those presentations.  Can you provide any suggestions while I wait for you all at the Logos suggestion group to one day take a look at what you may have considered as non essential? 

It would be great if the Logos would add a Seminar/Sunday Morning Presentation Module to Logos 4 – especially while they are on a roll, and this new engine is still in it’s infant stage – with the capability of zooming it as large as I desire – or at least 500%.



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TCBlack | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 17 2009 7:30 PM

To zoom in on your text for the program as a whole you can use Tools>program settings.

To zoom in on the text per resource click the book Icon and move the slider to the right....


It would be great if the Logos would add a Seminar/Sunday Morning Presentation Module to Logos 4
  It doesn't effect zoom separately, but do take a look at the help file regarding drawing mode.  To see Drawing mode press F8.  Pressing F8 again clears the screen - ESC exits.

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