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Jason Van Vliet | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Aug 20 2013 11:27 AM


Maybe this should be in the suggestion forum, but that seems to be filled mostly with suggestions for new resources and this is a request for two small feature enhancements in the program itself that could really help certain workflows.

Request #1 - make it possible for the Bible Word Study window to be set as target (just like search windows)

Here's the workflow in which this would really make a difference: let's say that I'm doing in-depth exegetical work, moving through some verses, perhaps by using an Exegetical Guide or just moving through the original language text itself (NA28 or BHS).  During the course of such a study I'll likely do multiple Bible Word Studies, zeroing in on the more significant terms in the passage.  Whether I launch the BWS from the Exegetical Guide or right-clicking on a certain word in NA/BHS the end result is that I get a good number of BWS windows open and things become untidy & cluttered.  It would be nice to have the option to "Send Word Studies here" in the Guide drop down menu, just like with Search windows.  Of course, it would be entirely optional.  Sometimes you do want two BWS side-by-side for comparison, just like you might want to Search windows side-by-side for the same purpose.  But there are also times when you just hop from one BWS to another, and an option to set a window as the target would be handy.

Request #2 - Copy list of references only to clipboard

Recently Morris Proctor showed us a neat little trick to get lists of passages from a BWS or Cross-reference section, etc, into a passage list via the clipboard by right-clicking on the section header.  See link here.  However, I could not help but wish to have a similar -- but not exactly the same -- ability for search windows.  I know that you can save search results as a passage list.  And I know that you can export the search results to the clipboard via the "Print/Export..." option.  That's great.  But sometimes you just want to have a quick list of the text references (not the actual text of the Scripture passages) in your clipboard so that you can paste them into a Word document or Powerpoint slide or wherever.  For example, maybe I'm working on the use of κτίσις in Romans, and I do a quick search to find all the occurrences of that lemma in Romans.  At the same time I want to quickly incorporate what I discover in a paper that I'm writing on this topic.  All I want is to insert a list of references in my Word document which says: "Rom 1:20, 25; 8:19, 20, 21, 22, 29."  It sure would be nice if I would right click the "Verses 7 results in 7 verses" header in the search windows and see a "Copy references" option for this purpose.

Thanks for considering these enhancements to an already great program.

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