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Vote for this Uservoice!: Mouse over Church Father reference - pop-ups from Worship Early Church: Anthology Historical Sources.

In alphabetical order. (Many of these I have, the priority is not an indication of whether I have or not):

All Things Considered (Chesterton.) reg. $26.95. Medium.

Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible (7 vols.) reg. $169.95. Medium.

Believers Church Bible Commentary: Ecclesiastes reg. $19.95. Medium.

Biblical Performance Criticism Series (4 vols.) reg. $79.95. Medium.

A Critical and Exegetical Commentary, aka ICC, Second Epistle to the Corinthians, Vol. 1 (chapters 1-7) reg. $49.95.

Exposition of Ephesians: The Christian Soldier verses 6:10-20. reg. $22.95. High. Here's a little bit of info about the author: Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Exposition of Ephesians: Christian Unity verses 4:1-16. reg. $22.95. High.

Exposition of Ephesians: Darkness and Light verses 4:17-5:17. reg. $25.95. High.

Eerdmans Critical Commentary: The Gospel and Letters of John, volume 2: The Gospel of John reg. $53.95. High.

Eerdmans Critical Commentary: The Gospel and Letters of John, volume 1: Introduction, Analysis, and Reference reg. $53.95. Medium.

The Encyclopedia of Christianity, vols. 1-5 reg. $349.95. High.

Engaging the Closed Minded reg. $7.95. High.

Gnosis: An Introduction reg. $44.95. Medium.

Good News Translation (GNT) I would buy it with an extra account for a friend. reg. $10. High.

Hermeneia Upgrade 3 (3 vols.) reg. $164.95. High.

Joseph: Understanding God’s Purpose reg. $19.95. High.

The Making of Paul: Constructions of the Apostle in Early Christianity reg. $23.95. High.

Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament: Romans $26.95. High. My review:

300 Quotations for Preachers from the Early Church reg. $19.95. Medium.

The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, Volume 1: The Biblical Period reg. $33.95. Medium.

The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, Volume 2: The Patristic Age reg. $40.95. Low.

The Sacred Anointing reg. $18.95. Medium.

Seven Deadly Sins for my mum. reg. $4.95. High.

Sheffield New Testament Guides: 2 Peter and Jude for Jude. reg. $8.95. Medium.

Worship in the Early Church: An Anthology of Historical Sources reg. $199.95. High.

In 2004 there came a third edition of the Good News Translation (Old Testament is third Edition, New Testament is sixth Edition), vote for it here: Re: 1992 GNT-CE 2nd ed. preferably with Anglicized text and 1971 GNB 3rd ed. NT ... specify that that's the Edition You want! It's UK-English. I haven't seen any American English Edition of the third Edition.

Logos should add: 1966 Jerusalem Bible Reader's Edition or the 1975 Bible In Order. There are several threads suggesting it. (The Grail Psalms are in pre-pub, both the original (used in the UK) included in the Catholic Truth Society (CTS) New Catholic Bible, and the revised: The Grail Psalms (2 vols.).) Logos would have a great opportunity to get ahead of competitors as no software offers the Jerusalem Bible.

The English Bible Collection (27 vols.) needs more and higher bids. I recommend bidding $80 - it will probably go lower than that (IF it makes it) so that's not the amount You will end up paying. It will never make it at $30. Includes things such as the 1865/1866 The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Common English Version) (made by a board or team of translators) and the 1560 Geneva Bible.

Raise Your bids for the Encyclopedia Britannica (32 vols.) to $120!

New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible (5 vols.) needs more pre-pub orders!

Richard Bauckham (1999). James. Routledge. 246 pages. I've suggested this volume to Logos: Re: What resources would you most like to see available in Logos?

For those looking for an affordable New Testament commentary set with a lot of content, I recommend: Baker’s New Testament Commentary (HK). The last time it was on a sale was in September 2013. A few of the Pauline volumes + Acts are from the '90s. Additionally some are from the latter half of the '80s so those too take into account some socio-historical research (which I don't think older commentaries do). Notice that the Jn (at Logos) volume is highly rated at, 4th place, rating 78.5! If You want printed matter volumes, there are used ones (earlier published by Banner of Truth, more recently by Baker) on various sites, and CBD currently 2 Cor in English and Romans and Hebrews in Spanish.

Those who have many Hermeneia -volumes or a set, can complement it with Thrall in ICC on 2 Cor chapters 1-7, see my post in the Logos 4 Windows -forum: Re: Best critical commentary.
A good pre-pub order is: Hermeneia: Luke 2: A Commentary on the Gospel of Luke 9:51–19:27 $44.95.

There is a thread where I'm continuing to post reviews of commentaries, and others are welcome to join!: Practical Commentary on Scripture.

I have cancelled all my big pre-pub orders lately and not placed any big orders or paid any big pre-pubs since October 2013: I've cancelled all Church History pre-pub orders incl. Catholic Practicum, and the only Pauline pre-pub order I had (a large one). The largest new order that I've placed is: Eerdmans Biblical Interpretation Collection (13 vols.) $187 until December 2. 2013. Another large pre-pub order I've placed recently is The Church’s Bible (4 vols.) $99.55, but I decided never to buy ACCS even though it was on a 40% sale in A-company.

Regarding English Bible versions, I use mainly the REB.
When I have time use the UBS Handbook New Testament (which I have in the A-compay software), and the Upgrade (in Logos).
I'm looking forward to reading books such as Resurrection which I got for 50% off and John Howard Yoder Collection (12 vols.).
(At the moment I'm reading Princeton Symposium on the Dead Sea Scrolls which I got on pre-pub for $99.95. I'm not intending to read all of it.)

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Those who want a preview of Baker's New Testament Commentary (HK) can see a few pages from 2 Cor by searching corinthians kistemaker on CBD.

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