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Liam | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jan 31 2014 3:33 PM

I would like to create a Bible reading plan that contains every word (verse) that God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit speaks (God's speech to us) and also every word (verse) that a person speaks to God (our speech to him). This would serve as a great devotional Bible reading plan that would center on prayer. 

Does anyone know how to do a Bible search for these 2 types of speech in L5 (speech of God & speech of man to God)? I would like to get all the scripture references and then list them all (in canonical or chronological order) in the reading plan perameters. 

Thanks in advance to any who can help out on this!

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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Feb 1 2014 2:15 PM

I am not sure there would be an easy way to this. However you may want to start the the clause search feature. An example of a quick search I ran after reading your post returned more than a thousand results

You could run similar searches using a divine subject (God, the Holy Spirit) and all the verbs you can identify (said, says, answered, etc.) associated with them speaking. Save each search as a passage list and then merge them into one. You can create a reading plan of that list. Christ's speech may be easier as most of the major English translations will let you to isolate the words of Christ. 

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Liam | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Feb 2 2014 9:04 AM

Thanks Fred! This is helpful!

I tried the search but instead of using the lemma, used the verb option "to say, mention, think command" and Logos shuts down each time I try. Does anyone know how to prevent this? I want to include more than just the one Hebrew lemma so that I get closer to getting all results. Is this just too much, and it overloads the system?

Also do you know if there is any way to search also for all the texts where God is the one addressed in speech? I'm hoping to get all the prayers from individuals in the Bible in it as well, but this task seems much harder. 

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Liam | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Feb 2 2014 9:46 AM

Logos still shuts down even if I limit the search to just the book of Genesis. Is anyone else able to do the search without Logos shutting down? 

Also, I tried the lemma search and mimicked what you had Fred, but the search box is red and wont search for that lemma. Am I doing something wrong or is Logos just freaking out on me? In order to paste the lemma I highlighted it from "said" from my interllinear ESV in Genesis 1:3 and copied the lemma into the search box. I did notice that when I copy the lemma it does not have a 1 in front of it, but in yours it does. I don't know how to get the one in front of it. If I simply type the 1, it doesn't work either.

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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Feb 2 2014 12:49 PM

When you paste the lemma into the search box do you get a drop down box with a couple of options. Also maybe you could post a screen shot of the failed search.

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Liam | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 3 2014 12:23 PM

Ok! I noticed that you had the "verses" view on your search instead of "analysis". I changed mine over to that and it now works without shutting down!

My only problem now is that after merging several passage lists together and getting the final list, I cannot find a way to export this into a Bible reading plan. There is no way to reference a passage list in the reference range for reading plans that I can find.

Does anyone know the process to make this happen?

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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Feb 4 2014 3:03 PM

Maybe my initial post was not as clear as I should have made it. You cannot create a reading plan from a passage list without doing some work to get the reference ranges into a custom reading plan. Here is more info on that, along with some examples.$28Basics$29

I'm not sure why you would need a reading plan for something that was already a listing of passages from your bible, but if you are willing to do the creating the reference range, Logos can produce one for you. May I also suggest that if you do create that custom reference range, consider listing it on the wiki so others can benefit from it as well.

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Liam | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 19 2014 7:05 AM

Thanks for all the help on this Fred! I wasn't up for all the work in copying and pasting in this so I don't have a list for pasting into a reading plan, but I was able to highlight different highlights for God the Father's, God the Son's and the Holy Spirit's actions and speech, and any one's action or speech to God in all of Scripture. The highlights are so numerous that really with any Bible reading plan I run into them on every read anyway. This makes for a great plan for easily recognizing God's actions for us and speech to us, and people's responses to God throughout Scripture. Makes responding in prayer in similar ways as the Biblical person easier to remember! See this thread for a pic of how it turned out!

Thanks again Fredc!

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