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Brent Hoefling | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, May 16 2014 1:17 PM

on this page: https://www.logos.com/product/5876/learn-to-use-biblical-greek-and-hebrew-with-logos-bible-software

points of note:

1.  I bought this when they were prepub.  the media was delivered okay.

2. when I go to the Logos site page above, even though I won this, it allows me to add it to my cart.  I called sales and they transfered me to tech support.  was cut off and when I called tech support back, they wanted to transfer me back to sales.

my questions were: (1) if the product was something I own, why is it showing up as if I can purchase it.  and secondarily, perhaps this is because there is an update.  the tech support person said there is no upgrade (for L5), I did not receive an answer as to why I can still add this product that I already own to my shopping cart still.

so that is my first question.

The second question has to do with the URL page above.  at the bottom of the page is links to download updated videos.  When I download them successfully, and try to unzip them, they do not unzip correctly, and some files error, and I must skip them.  how can I get these files?
Greek-v2.1a.zip - missing files:

Greek-v2.1b.zip - missing files:

I know this is the Greek subforum, but this one product has Hebrew files missing as well:
LearnHebrew_1.zip - missing files:

LearnHebrew_2.zip - missing file:

Any assistance is appreciated.

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